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2 min readOct 4, 2020

Something special for one of them who are contributing an Open-Source and added some code fixes some issues & provide some cool features


If you’re a developer then I’m sure you know some few libraries like BOOTSTRAP, MaterialCSS, and tons of other.

If you’re using those libraries to build a simple website or big giant project, So you work very efficiently and fastly. But if you manually do these things then you know it takes a lot of time and does more hard work for simple design a button for a project.


Rather than if you’re using these Open-Source libraries then work so much efficiently, work fast or quickly.

But if you do some research or noticed on Open-Source we just copy-paste the code for a small button and import CSS for those buttons but behind a little tiny button there a lot of code and those code freely available fo us. And we’re many times used those codes make some projects and earn money, promotions etc.

Just imagine a developer do hard work and put the code for free for us. And another developer just does some changes & add more feature to build beautiful for us for the world.

This is the Open-Source, the real power of openness & community of developers for the creation of some new free and contribute to the world.


The appreciation that truly deserved the idea behind the Open-Source and open community of developers.

A company digital ocean came with the HACKTOBERFEST and thanks to all the developers who work well contribute to open source. This fest for one who deserved a #thanks by this Hacktoberfest event.

Thanks to @learncodeonline



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