Create an Impressive GitHub Profile.

First, go to your Github account and create a new repo exact name with a profile name.


Then create a file and edit with me, simple Greeting with gif img.

# Hello, folks! <img src=”" width=”30px”>


And then you need to just tell us about yourself like your name, where you are from, what are you doing currently, etc.

My name is Abhishek Patel and basically, I’m a Full Stack Developer. I’m from India, and currently, I’m a Student.
You can find me on [![Twitter][1.2]][1], or on [![LinkedIn][3.2]][3].


Then you need to add programming languages & technologies which you’re currently working on and enthusiast about those.

## 🔧 Technologies & Tools

Tech & Tool’s

Then finally add you Github Stats like Most Used Programming Languages.

## &#x1f4c8; GitHub Stats

<a href=”">
<img align=”center” src=”" />

GitHub Stats

And finally, add your Github Stats like Contribution, Stars, Commits, PRs, Issues, etc.

<a href=”">
<img align=”center” src=”" alt=”Martin’s GitHub Stats” />

Your’s GitHub Stats

Finally, place your file in your Github profile. It’s so simple right side option appear to place your code in profile.

Place-profile Option



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